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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Changes are Good.

You might have noticed that The Barrel kind of....fell off the face of the earth? Turns out that running a magazine is a whole lot of work. And time. And more work. And more time. But never fear, because WE'RE COMING BACK! Except this time with a new name, a new look, and a new team! So, here's the 411:

• The Casual Blogger Magazine will be now be released quarterly (the spring edition to be released in a few weeks).

• The team now consists of:
Melissa from Green Jello with Carrots (and the former Barrel magazine)
Elisa from MMB Community
Caroline from Casual Blogger Community
Veronica from Local Community Hotspots
Julie from Leelou Blogs

•  We have new advertising opportunities and rates, for anyone interested.

• Michelle is no longer on the magazine team, because she has an awesome new website selling chic baby and child clothing!  So make sure and check that out. (Did I mention it's awesome?)

We're all looking forward to getting the new issue out soon, and hopefully everyone likes the new Casual Blogger Magazine as much as they liked The Barrel!

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